Document management: What is archival?

If you are part of the personnel in charge of the administration of the documents of your company, or if you have cooperated with a professional in the subject, you will have already noticed the number of concepts that are handled in the jargon of document management. One of the keywords when understanding this work […]

Learn what a documentary management software is

Any company produces a certain amount of documents every day. Therefore, the information they contain can be the cornerstone of their success. Documents are created, sent, checked, stored and, above all, searched again and again. Thus, these tasks involve a considerable amount of time, effort and resources. For this reason, it is important to analyze […]

Document management: the importance of document removal

The elimination of documents is considered by the experts, as one of the relevant procedures within the services and strategies raised from the documentary management, since it contributes to the orderly and hierarchical maintenance of the information and existing files. What are the advantages that you can appreciate your company thanks to its optimized execution? We will explain it to you next.