Learn what a documentary management software is

Learn what a documentary management software is

Any company produces a certain amount of documents every day. Therefore, the information they contain can be the cornerstone of their success. Documents are created, sent, checked, stored and, above all, searched again and again. Thus, these tasks involve a considerable amount of time, effort and resources.

For this reason, it is important to analyze these processes in detail and optimize them. In this article, we will learn what function a document management software has, and for that, we are going to introduce ourselves in a brief definition of the concept, let’s see:

Document management is the storage system, organization, and retrieval of documents of a company. For example Invoices, delivery referrals, accounting documents, contracts, etc.

This document management can also be carried out in a digitalized manner, where a series of aspects and protocols must be contemplated, among which its complicated organization must be highlighted if an established method is not followed, the loss of time in the registration of each One of the documents, and also have to take into consideration the compatibility of formats, such as: PDF, .doc, .ppt, .xlm.

For them, you must bear in mind that, a bad organization of the documents or the lack of a procedure of established file, will make difficult the recovery of the same ones. This fact will suppose the loss of information, and this loss could put in risk the situation of your company.

Therefore, if what you want is to protect the information of your company, the best way is to identify the relevant documents, establishing control points that guarantee access and opt for a qualified document management software.


The software is integrated into business management, and offers, among many other advantages like:


1- Compatibility with any document format.

2- If you want to find a document, you can obtain it from any point in your network.

3- Your information will be secure and recovered on the documentary server.

4- You will have the ability to find documents so easy.

5- You can control all the documents and less manipulation of them.

6- You can reduce and simplify the work for all your employees.

7- Get quick answers for different users.

8- Get agile and updated information.

9- Optimize the resources used in the document management of your company.

10 -Significantly frees up the physical storage space.


In the market, there are different programs for the optimal management of our information. Programs capable of implementing many formats. From digital formats, such as images, PDF or emails, to those that were initially in paper format. In this last case, everything is done with a scanning system that is compatible with any machine on the market; where the physical document is passed through the scanner and then transformed into an image of JPG, TIF, among others.

In the process of documentary registration, each folio is saved with the information corresponding to its content. Some software has the right tools to show the text from an image, this allows us to find our documents instantly.

A very important point before implementing software for the treatment of your company’s information is to mark the objectives that you want to achieve and to make an in-depth analysis of the processes that you want to carry out with the systematization of the information.

A document management system consists of integrated programs, so its functionality goes from something very simple, such as registering the documents that enter and leave the company to create a control of the processes that accompany the life cycles of our documents.

If what you want is to provide your company with the best tools in the market, software is the best decision to achieve it.