Document management software

Importance of the use of a specialiced document management software

It is known as document management software to any technological tool that allows users to have control in the process of managing the data from the application and the use of a management system.

What is the purpose of a document management software?

The use of a software helps to optimize the management of files and documents of importance to the company.

It simplifies tasks, allows the registration of information and, also, ensures a responsible and unambiguous handling of the data contained in the process. These tools not only offer an efficient administration, but also a wide and effective security reserve for documents.


It simplifies tasks, allows the registration of information and, also, ensures a responsible and unambiguous handling of the data contained in the process. These tools not only offer an efficient administration, but also a wide and effective security reserve for documents.
The software gives greater control of processes that are carried out in document management. Those carried out within the company, such as those created in ATS facilities, or in Documentary Attention Centers (DAC), or those files that are inactive. They offer absolute control over every file in the company.

The document management software allows a 360 degree view of important documents and information.

The most popular platform worldwide

Oracle Netsuite ERP is one of the most popular platforms and it’s considered the number one in efficiency and security in the cloud.

But what is ERP?

ERP is the acronym that corresponds to Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a system that allows users to perform and control different internal operations of the company.

Platform used on ATS for documental management:

As part of the document management process, we use the MABS 3.0 Document Management Suite, which can be used by any company that needs to consult the information of its previously structured and inventoried files.

This allows us to carry out the traceability of the document, parameterizing and linking all the needs of each business. All this by integrating document management services.

Benefits of theMABS 3.0 Document Management Suite implementation:

Among the most important aspects offered by these systems, there is:

  • Processes automation.
  • Access to all the company’s information by the same interface.
  • Databases integration.
  • Time and expenses savings.
  • Registered information security.
  • Information and archives online control.
  • Attention according to service level agreement.
  • Customized registration for users requiring information.
  • Profiling and / or access restriction by user.
  • Secure access for users from any place they require.

Keep in mind that any company can use a document management software regardless of the number of databases that manage, as these are customizable, adapting to the needs of each sector of the company.

What guaranteed by the application of a document management software?

What the application provides is the consolidation of processes in lines of operation, likewise have points in favor of the client, such as:

  • Technical Support.
  • Free and efficient software access.
  • Help and specialized technical advice.

Therefore, comprehensive advice allows and encourages knowledge of the advantages, the pros and cons and what is necessary to execute a document management system. It transmits the knowledge to the client and to the users, so that the process stands out for the administration’s uniformity.

This process not only depends on the company’s correct work providing the service, because it is a double-track job, where performers and clients help and converge in the success of the tasks of document management.

MABS 3.0 Document Management Suite

What is the ATS’s MABS 3.0 Document Management Suite?

Within the use of documentary management software, in ATS we use the Document Management Suite (MABS 3.0), which is designed for end users, allowing them to consult any information in their online files.

The Suite is a tool and web application designed for the administration and custody of physical files and in the cloud. The Document Management Suite allows traceability of the document, which is easily integrated into the client’s BPM, given their ease of parameterization and correspond to the needs of the business of each organization.

The platform integrates all the document management services and file life cycle. It is the first technological platform in document management, designed to be integrated into the commercial, financial, human resources and quality management systems of the operation. The ATS Documentary Management Group, we are pioneers in the total integration of the business to document management in the world.

In itself, the MABS 3.0 Suite is a digital and virtual platform that allows the client to recognize, locate, classify and control the documents that are under our custody. This gives you the option to control and periodically review everything related to your information and thus, its use, management and consultation.

Document Management Module

What is a Document Management Module?

The Document Management Module has been designed for operational users and allows ATS officials and / or clients to manage and record information from their files; in any of the cases of custody, management file in the client’s own facilities or in ATS facilities; central files in a Documentary Attention Center (DAC) or its inactive files in ATS facilities.