Document management: What is archival?

Document management: What is archival?

If you are part of the personnel in charge of the administration of the documents of your company, or if you have cooperated with a professional in the subject, you will have already noticed the number of concepts that are handled in the jargon of document management. One of the keywords when understanding this work is the concept of archival. Take out paper and pencil, because we’ll explain a little about what it is.

Archival is the theoretical study carried out in practice on the principles, processes, and procedures related to the storage of documents produced within companies. Its purpose is to ensure that the information is maintained over time, facilitating its consultation and classification.

In itself, we can say that archival is the basis of document management. Well, a management process cannot be conceived without clear theoretical principles about the correct treatment of documentation. This is where a professional is completely different.


And archival in the digital age?


Like the vast majority of knowledge, the archivist has been forced to adapt and evolve in favor of an efficient service that allows maintaining the historical memory of companies and entities. In this way, the storage, conservation, and restoration of documents is guaranteed in a reliable, efficient, timely and standardized manner.

It is for the foregoing that it can be said that digital media have become allies of document management since archival matrices can verify the categories and location of a particular document, its details, and characteristics; In this way, the processes have been automated, optimizing the search and administration results.


Archival and document management, synonyms?


For professionals, both concepts do not differ from each other. They relate, conjugate and start from the same point: the conservation of documents. In this way management and archival depend on each other. So, in the exercise of duty, we find the practices proposed from archival theory in document management.

Remember, correct management contributes to the increase of the efficiency of your company, to keep the information in optimal conditions and allows the constant advancement and the fulfillment of norms and documentary laws at a national level. For the fulfillment of this last point, the archivist becomes crucial, since the professional will have the foundations to stay abreast of the existing regulations.

So if you want to improve and optimize the ways in which the management of the documentation is carried out, check the control points and contact a professional.