What is Document Digitalization?

The document’s digitalization is one of the most important processes in the development of document management, in which the transformation of everything concerning the physical documents within the company takes place.

The physical (analogous) documents are selected and passed to a binary (digital) format. This process helps the company to keep important files in the best conditions over time. In the same way, digitization helps to make administration more efficient, since search, classification and access times are reduced.

Digitization is a process in which information is converted by a technological technique, in order to preserve documents over time.

Benefits of documents digitalization

As we’ve already seen, the company is always looking for efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the proper use of time and keeping all the information produced in the company under control.

Therefore, by this types of actions a company can get:


The document management and document scanning’s processes allow users to have control over their files and to know where they are and how to easily access them. This establishes an ordered calification’s matrix that allows the higher quality archival operations development.


To do more things in less time is the dream of every company. By means of the categorization, there’ a considerable reduction of times of organization and access to the archives is achieved. This happens because the whole the information is gathered in an easy access central matrix, known as file manager.


When you have control over all your documents and information, you can manage them with more reliability. Order is synonymous with security, and security translates into good quality standards. Everything is interconnected and everything is focused on the processe’s excelence.


To achieve the aforementioned, as the experts in document management that we are, in ATS we rely on:


  • The required technical support according to the company’s needs.
  • Documents consultaion frequency.
  • Long term conservation priority to avoid deterioration.
  • Information homogeneity for its categorization.
Digitalización Documental