Comprehensive Advice

¿What is the Integral Consultancy in Document Management??

Comprehensive advice seeks to induce the companies in the importance of permantent reviews, validations and categorizations of physical and electronic files, information security and documentation regulation and control.

Doubts are solved on each aspect that composes the information management, since this is the backbone of companies.

This is under a current national and international legislation and, also, under the regulations stipulated by the Archivo General de la Nación.

The manipulation of archival processes is a responsibility of utmost importance for the company, so doing it correctly will guarantee a safe and efficient execution.

Benefits of the advisory on documental management processes

It is necessary to understand that handling documents and information makes the company’s important files available to a third party, which links financial information, processes, correspondence, client’s information, suppliers and others that are involved in the company.

1. Document management diagnosis and design system:

Not all companies have the same needs, nor do all documents require the same treatment. Therefore, the personalized review of the companies and the creation of unified strategies allows the application of points that help the improvement of each organization.

Let’s take a medical situation as an example. Two patients may suffer the same disease, but treatment will not respond in the same way to each one. We must take into account the time they take with physical affectation, age and other characteristics, before issuing a faithful judgment and likewise a true solution. This is how the management system design works. Each case is analyzed independently.

2. Organization:

The core of document management and its main purpose is to categorize documents in detail. This is why the importance of reviewing and analyzing each one delimits their destiny, their change of format or their file. This streamlines processes and gives the company the opportunity to maximize its efficiency.

3. Simplify tasks::

With the automation of the documentary processes, a practical way of creating, archiving and searching for information is opened. This reduces time and other important expenses in the company.

4. Save:

Investing in document management systems offers the client the ability to save in several aspects, including time, space and paperwork costs. Since the information is categorized, the one that has lost validity is destroyed, the important one is digitalized, the necessary one is archived and matrices are created to review the information’s location.

Archival toos

What are the archival tools?

It is known as archival tools to all the systems that allow the execution and development of the activities of document management. These instruments allow the realization of the work to a large extent, since they are the supports of classification, ordering, verification and information of the archives of a company.

The correct use of archival tools allows document management experts to have a detailed control of everything related to the information received, their destination and its final disposition.

Without the use of these tools the preservation, assessment, planning, organization and general management of all documents could not be possible. It must be borne in mind that the use of archival tools is regulated by the policy of document management and by regulations established by the Archivo General de la Nación.

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