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PLATAFORM SuiteCloud Infraestructure

Enterprise-Class SuiteCloud for data management, security and information availability.

As the world’s largest cloud ERP with over 20,000 organizations, NetSuite provides a cloud infrastructure that ensures companies can run their business applications with confidence.

Since 1998, NetSuite had provided comprehensive data protection, data management, security and availability to run mission-critical ERP in organizations, CRM applications and e-commerce. With its multiple data centers, NetSuite provides enterprise-class infrastructure and tested and approves scaling levels:

Security and Applications


NetSuite knows it’s the heart of our customers’ daily business operations. So, NetSuite offers a number of advanced features to ensure the application, including role-based strong encryption, robust password policies and more. NetSuite adds additional security layers, such as applying only restricted access to certain IP addresses, providing you with complete confidence and peace of mind.


  • Easily manage permissions, access functionality and role-based data access for all employees.
  • Access NetSuite with confidence from anywhere through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption.)
  • Advanced security technology such as IP address restrictions based on location.CContinually forced access with NetSuite password complexity rules and password renewal.

Key Features

  • Access levels of functionality and disconnect when inactive.

Access control based on roles to ensure that users can only use the data and functionality of the application that is related to their responsibilities.

The NetSuite application locks automatically when it detects inactive connections preventing authorized access.

A full audit trail is performed using a time stamp to ensure data track of transaction changes and user access.

  • Strong 128-bit encryption.

NetSuite provides SSL 128-bit encryption for user login and all subsequent data, the same level of encryption used by online banks.

  • Application Access Only

NetSuite ensures that users can only access the application, not the underlying data base.

  • IP address restrictions

IP address restrictions further minimize access to a user account.

Easily set up to ensure that only certain computers or locations can access NetSuite

  • Strong password policies.

NetSuite provides configuration options, password minimum length and timeframe complexity based on a password expiration.

Supports password policies to ensure than new passwords differ from previous passwords.

It provides complexity rules to ensure passwords are a combination of numbers, letters and special characters.

NetSuite accounts are automatically locked after failed login attempts.

For additional access control, NetSuite optionally supports multifactor authentication with a simple physical token to further minimize unauthorized access


For our customers’ confidence, NetSuite employs strict monitoring tools, controls and policies with a dedicated team as security holder.

NetSuite meets a number of auditing and security standards, including SSAE 16 (SOC 1), PCI-DSS and the US-EU framework safe Port. In addition, NetSuite’s security processes and risk management were modeled according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the ISO 27000 standards series.


  • Obtain safety certifications for your business applications that would otherwise be expensive and onerous for a company to achieve
  • Update your security applications with continuous NetSuite monitoring and dedicated security.
  • Enjoy security controls like fully monitored local and physical access management, economically unattainable with typical house implementations on premises.

Key Features

Comprehensive Security Applications

S.SAE 16 (SOC 1) / ISAE 3402 Type II: NetSuite provides an SSAE 16 (SOC1)/ISAE 3402 Type II audit report to its customers prepared and audited by a Big Four audit firm. This report, commonly referred to as Service Organization Controls report, or SOC 1, is conducted in accordance with attestation standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3402, “Assurance Reports on Controls at a Service Organization”, issued by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board.

PCI DSS: In complying with PCI-DSS requirements, NetSuite offers optional 3D Secure credit card authentication, also known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. 3D Secure adds a higher level of credit card fraud protection. It requests shoppers to create authentication passwords for their credit cards, or requires them to enter their password if they already have one assigned.

US-EU Safe Harbor: Key for the transfer of personal data from European Union (EU) countries to the United States. NetSuite adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles published by U.S. Department of Commerce with respect to personal data about individuals in EU countries from its subsidiaries, customers and other business partners. NetSuite’s participation in the US-EU Safe Harbor program can be confirmed by viewing the list of Safe Harbor organizations at

Continuous Security Monitoring

NetSuite uses multiple intrusion detection systems (IDS) to identify malicious traffic attempting to use or networks.

Any unauthorized attempts to access the data center are blocked and the unauthorized attempt connections are recorded and investigated.

Business grade antivirus software guards against Trojans, worms, viruses and other malware that might affect the software and its applications.

The Complete Separation of Duties

Separated Job Responsibilities and mandatory employee criminal record checks at all levels of NetSuite operations.

The principal of least authority (POLA) is followed and employees are given only the permissions needed to perform their functions.

Managed Physical Access

Rigorous security policies and controls to allow unescorted access to previously authorized NetSuite Operations Personnel.

Photo ID proximity access cards and a biometric identification system guarantees against risks, insignia loss, or impersonation attempt. Proximity key card reading devices are located at entry points and critical areas within the data center.

Portals and man-made traps T-DAR ensure that only one person is authenticated at a time to prevent tailgating.

All perimeter doors are alarmed and monitored, and all exterior perimeter walls, doors, windows and the main interior entry are constructed from ballistic protection materials rated by Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

Fully Guarded Locations

Guards monitor all security installations, alarms, staff activities, and access points for sending and receiving to ensure that entry and exit procedures are properly followed on a 24/7 basis.

CCTV video surveillance cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities are located at points of entry and other secured areas within the perimeter.

Video monitors are stored for review.

Permanent Data Center Management Audits

NetSuite Operations manages ongoing SAS70 Type II and PCI compliance

Risk management is modeled after the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) special publication 800-30 and the ISO 27000 series of standards. Periodic audits help ensure that personnel performance, procedural compliance, equipment serviceability, updated authorization records and key inventory rounds are above par.

Data Management


NetSuite Policies and infrastructure data management provide you with peace of mind knowing that your data is fully replicated, backed up, and available whenever you need it. Companies that work with NetSuite enjoy lower risk processes and management policies for business-class data.

NetSuite offers multiple levels of redundancy to ensure you get continuous data access, replication and synchronization across data centers to provide you with the maximum confidence for disaster recovery.


  • Get data management processes that were previously only available to larger companies for your most important business data.s
  • Benefit from reduced risk to your business continuity by having data stored across multiple data centers
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is automatically backed up and replicated through the day, every day.
  • Know that will always get transparent access to data with the NetSuite elastic scale.

Key Features


To prevent failure, NetSuite infrastructure incorporates multiple redundancy levels.

Redundant systems automatically assume the processing without interruption if any element should fail.

Disaster Recovery

Data in the primary data center is replicated and synchronized across data centers.

All operations failover automatically if necessary.

Hot Backups

All production data is stored immediately in redundant locations.

NetSuite Hot Backups give you the ability to restore data quickly and reliably.

Offsite Backups

All data is automatically copied and stored off-site.

The backups are stored offsite in a safe place and protected from almost all environmental conditions.


NetSuite supports more than 20,000 organizations with billions of customer requests each month.

The NetSuite data centers are designed to accommodate usage surges and spikes and scale to address the increased volume and transactions.



NetSuite is committed to providing an outstanding experience with system availability for our customers. NetSuite’s enterprise-grade redundant infrastructure provides world-class uptime, averaging 99.96% for over five years.


  • Benefit from round the clock availability supported by several business centers that energizes business continuity.
  • With a 99.5% Service Level Commitment, you know that NetSuite is fully aligned with your expectations for availability.
  • Feel confident that you can access NetSuite when needed with our history of 99.5% availability.

Key Features

Strong Service Level Commitment

Guaranteed 99.5% uptime, backed by our transparent service level Commitment.

Over the past five years, NetSuite has achieved a historical uptime trajectory of 99.96%.

SLC NetSuite is backed by a service credit availability if we don’t meet our commitment.

Total transparency provides system status at all times at

Multiple Data Centers

NetSuite maximizes application availability through the operation of multiple geographically separated data centers.

Data Centers include redundant data replication, disaster recovery and failover.

Fully Redundant Internet Connections

The NetSuite Data Centers meet or exceed worldwide commercial telecommunications standards for availability and integrity, and provide redundancy to ensure reliable connectivity and maximum uptime.

There is no single point of data transmission bottlenecks or data centers.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Emergency generators provide backup power in less than 10 seconds and have the capacity to support the entire system at maximum load.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is positioned in a redundant configuration, with each UPS battery capable of taking the full load without a generator for 15 minutes.

Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning in both data centers is configured for proper heat dissipation allowing the center to operate within the acceptable temperature range.

A N + 1 redundant HVAC units at each location maintain the flow of air conditioning.

Fire Fighting

We use the latest methods of fire suppression with sniffer systems enhanced by heat detection and sprinkler systems.

Earthquake Engineering

Seismic isolation equipment installations cushion against movement.
The entire team is supported by earthquake bracing and anchored to the concrete slab beneath the raised floors..

Energy Efficiency


NetSuite cloud delivery enables companies to reduce costs and energy consumption as compared to maintaining their own servers and server rooms. Save money and become greener with NetSuite’s eco approach to software resulting in lower overall energy use, lower emissions and an intelligent way to manage technology.

Key Benefits

Reducing Server Room Electricity Consumption

NetSuite customers can reduce overall server room power consumption by 99%, resulting in significant savings over the average annual cost of $10,300.

Lower Costs

NetSuite customers can reduce their costs by up to $100,000 US annually with energy savings and lower maintenance needs for software, hardware and infrastructure.

Energy Consumption Reduction

 NetSuite saves nearly 600 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) for its more than 20,000 organizations, the equivalent of the average electric consumption of 56,000 households.

Eco Friendly

NetSuite eliminates the production of more than 423,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. That is equivalent to the CO2 emissions produced by the consumption of more than 48 million gallons of gasoline, 1 million barrels of oil and the annual pollution by more than 77,000 cars.