ATS Gestión Documental


Capital Humano
Human Capital

Expert, reliable and strategic. We add value to document management by understanding that each client is unique. We bring a seamless flow through files, enhancing the power of information for each specific business model to strengthen competitive advantages and create new opportunities.

Plataforma Tecnológica
Technological Platform

Today’s technology is aggressive, invasive and unpredictable. We are pioneers in document management and we constantly challenge the creativity and information availability of our technology. Our daily challenge is always the security of your files and efficient document recovery.

Infraestructura en Gestión Documental
Document Management Infrastructure

Intelligent storage is a new and daring idea combining transparency, architecture, good taste, exquisite and elegant details with the technology, shelves, processes and procedures for file and document management.

Custody of Physical Files


Technical and safe custody of physical and virtual documents.

Our comprehensive services include storage and safe keeping of physical files and custody of documents in the cloud. Our reception processes and intelligent, secure and specialized storage solutions are designed to accept any type of document, regardless of format or content. Read more 

Cloud Files Custody


Intelligent Document Digitalization and Online Consultation

We use specialized scanning technologies that capture information from files such as OCR, ICR, OMR and BPMS giving you secure online access to real-time information. We add life to your physical files by converting them into valuable, accessible information for your business.  

Integral Advice

Advisory, Consulting and Audit Services

We help businesses succeed with our Expert Advice in document management systems and coordination with the business operation. Our diagnostic analysis allows us to offer you customized solutions.

Document management


Administration and Document Management

We offer document management at both our facilities and our customer’s place of business for management files and CAD documents. We provide Document Management Software, specialized Human Resources, and tested and approved processes and procedures. Read more

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